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Shogun Warriors(?) | Bandai(?) | circa 1980

I have yet to determine if this is a legitimate Bandai product or not. I found evidence of a larger version made by Bandai that has the same text on the packaging as my sample. I find it odd that mine has absolutely no indication of who made it and when other than “MADE IN TAIWAN R.O.C.” It’s made of plastic and die-cast metal and the spring-powered launchers are as powerful as the Gaiking and Mazinger I own. So, take that as you will.

Dynaman is my favorite of the three retro-robots I picked up of late. The color scheme is very nice, his transform is very fiddle-with-friendly, he has decent articulation for a toy this old, and he’s a robot. (It’s a robot? Whatever.) Both forearms launch to give an enemy a rocket punch to the crotch. His sword and shield can fit in either hand, but do not store anywhere in either of his alternate modes.

Speaking of those alternate modes, the Dynamobile splits his legs in half while the upper torso remains unchanged. The Dynagarry takes the torso and lays it down forward. The head launches off to form a small shuttle and the revealed cannon can fire the included missiles.

From what I’ve seen, larger version have a number of features not included with this scale of Dynaman. I’m interested in tracking one down at some point, though the current prices for them may keep me away for a while.

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